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The "Resurrection" of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci

The two bookends in the backline of Juventus and one of the last two members of the vaunted BBC trio have found their mojo in this great run to the Euro Cup finals for the Azzurri.

Just when many pundits in the football world have written these two amazing partners in defense off, they have found their passion and vigor and look like they are a bunch of young 20 something defenders. They are on the pitch defending the backline against the world's top strikers of the likes of Lukaku, De Bruyne, and holding Spains as evident in Friday's semi-final match.

The one knock against the Azzurri in this year's Euro was could these two veterans hold up, and they have shown they can.

Not only are they controlling the game on the pitch, but they also command a respect and motivation in the dressing room. For a lot of these new Azzurri players, they need someone of these two gems, to give them advice and handle the pressure. In years past the Azzurri might have dwindled under the pressure, but not this team who keeps fighting on and on.

Here is a man who considered retirement after Juventus season ended, but he has decided which has been a godsend for Italy and a thorn for opponents alike.

Bonucci, who is sometimes controversial off the pitch has been great on the pitch as well. In a Serie A season which was probably his worst, he has risen from the depth, and he's playing his best in a long time. He even scored a penalty kick in the victory over Spain in the Semi-Finals. And his leadership has been unparalleled. You either love him or hate him, just like the Roman Drama.

These two gems are playing at a high level, and nothing would be greater than a Euro Championship. The Azzurri are playing their best soccer ever with a high tempo style and the last line of the BBC is keeping the goals out.