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Superleague, superleague, superleague,...

In the Super League project, there will be a “solidarity” plan that will divert funds out of the system for 10 billion euros in 23 years, with an average of over 460 million euros more than 60% of the current amount guaranteed by Uefa for all the other teams. [Sole24Ore]

UEFA is in discussions with Centricus Asset Management over a 6 billion-euro ($7.2 billion) financing package to overhaul its flagship football tournament and stop plans for a new breakaway Super League. [Bloomberg]

Superleague? I wanted to talk to Agnelli but I couldn't get him on the phone. I don't know his motivations and I don't want to criticize him without knowing them. Maybe there's a motivation that I don't know. [Rummenigge, Bayern Munich president - Corriere della Sera]

The Super League is ready to start in five months. We want to create the best football, we have the desire to organize a competition that everyone wants to see, that makes people dream. [Anas Laghrari, general secretary Super League - Le Parisien]

We are confident that this new competition will capture the imagination of billions of football fans around the world and represent the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the game of football. Milan is delighted to confirm that they are one of the twelve leading European clubs that have joined forces to create the Super League. [Ivan Gazidis CEO Milan]

When the other Serie A club owners pointed out that with such an economic disparity only the three big teams would win the Serie A, Agnelli replied with: “But it has been like this for 80 years". [La Repubblica]

It’s clear and confirms what we have been saying for years: the current system is not sustainable, it's time for a change in a way that makes sense for all members of the football world. [Mino Raiola- TFF]

I wouldn't like to play against Milan tomorrow because they are one of the founding clubs of the Super League. I've already expressed my wishes to Carnevali and the players, I'll only play if I have to. [De Zerbi - Sassuolo coach]


I will be very clear. FIFA does not approve of the creation of a Super League. If they choose to go their own way, they must live with their choice. They are either in or out. They cannot be half in and half out. FIFA is founded on the real values of sport. We want to support European football and you only have to look at the success of our products so far. [Gianni Infantino - FIFA President]

This Super League crisis will make us stronger. We will not hesitate. We are invincible. I have read in various places that we are planning to abolish Financial Fair Play. Let me be clear: that is not going to happen. However, we do need to adapt it to the new reality. If some teams are giants today, it is thanks to the work of UEFA for 60 years. The Super League wants to privatize football, but we were ready. We didn't know exactly when it would happen but we were ready for it. I want to thank Nasser (Psg President) because you have shown the person you are. You have time to undo your mistakes, everyone has the right to make mistakes. For some, supporters have become consumers, fans have become customers and competitions have become products. Football does not belong to anyone. Or rather, it belongs to everyone, because football is part of our heritage. Respect for history. Respect for tradition. Respect for others. This means something. [Ceferin - UEFA President]


Contact between Juventus and Memphis Depay but the Dutchman is in advanced talks with Barcelona. [Calciomercato]