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Striker options

According to Gazzetta dello Sport the 4 names on Paratici's list for the striker position are: Milik, Depay, Icardi and Aguero.

Ramsey - Wales - Injury

Juventus have already taken steps to prevent Ramsey from making an unnecessary trip. Technically, the player should respond to his call-up for the national team, Wales, like Juventus, would not have any intention to create a diplomatic problem. [La Stampa]

New deal for Danilo

Juventus want to renew Danilo's current contract (2024) with another year. [Tuttosport]

A new name on the radar

One player that Juventus are watching with more attention than they normally do is Lee Kang In of Valencia. [Romeo Agresti]

Dybala in or out?

I spoke to people close to Dybala no more than 3 days ago and there are no scheduled talks between Juventus - manager. [Romeo Agresti]

Locatelli talks continue

Juve are working around Locatelli, with his manager, and with Sassuolo. But they are also watching what the competition is doing. For example, there is a lot of talk about Man City, but Juventus know that City is not serious about getting Locatelli. [Romeo Agresti]