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Super League

A clear difference between the 6 English and the other 6. In the 12 clubs, I distinguish 3 groups: the 6 English who withdrew apologizing, then Milan, Inter & Atletico, and then the others who think the earth is flat and that there is a SuperLeague. Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus will receive the harshest punishments. They're flat-earthers who still believe the Super League exists. They're the teams who are most under threat of expulsion from next season's UCL. The Super League clubs will be punished, and could even be banned from next season's UCL. The English clubs will be treated more leniently because they were the first to pull out from the Super League. Not everything is for sale. You can't come in with your billions and trash tradition. [Ceferin - Daily Mail]

Inter is no longer part of the Super League. They made that clear in their statement. Inter can be exempted from the ban, they had not completed the registration procedure. The situation for Juventus and Milan is different. [La Repubblica]


Transfer news

Milan will stand by their offer of 8mln€ for Donnarumma and will not make another one. The deadline for an answer is 23 May. Raiola stopped by Turin with Paratici and Nedved, who gave their willingness to offer 10mln€. [Tuttosport]

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