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Marchisio talks about the situation

I think today marks the end of the dream of a 10th Scudetto. The team took the field with the wrong desire. I don't know what Pirlo's future will be. This year they have always struggled, even in games that look easy on paper. Now they have to watch their backs.

Decisions will have to be made at the end of the year, now we have to keep the group together to finish the season. I hope to see a Juve with a different mentality.

Lyon connection

Juventus are following developments on the Aouar and Depay situation. Both players are on the radar of Paratici with Depay possibly being a free agent.

Paratici speaks up

It was an unexpected game, my presence here is that over the years we have given the fans a lot of joy while today we give them bitterness. We must avoid making these mistakes, keep our heads down and keep working.

The word transition does not exist at Juve. Juve always plays to win. Some seasons go better, others worse. However, the years are important because there is growth during one year that leads you to win the following years.

We have won in the last nine and we have always changed. Winning makes everything go away. By winning we went through difficult choices, which led us to build for the following years.

I hear people talk about cycles, a cycle ended with Galatasaray, a cycle ended with Conte leaving, a cycle ended after Berlin, a cycle ended after Cardiff. We always continued to win, in order to do so, we have taken risks. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes not.