Super League news

According to “Der Spiegel” clubs dropping out of the SuperLeague have to pay 150mln€ to clubs remaining in the competition. At this moment in time, no club officially left the SuperLeague.

"If states and billionaires can start injecting unlimited money into their clubs, then it'll be difficult to compete. We need to know where everyone's money comes from, we need transparency. We need a strict financial fair-play system, that allows you to compete as equals, not against state-owned clubs. I'm not going to explain what a binding contract is, but clubs can't leave. Some, under pressure, have had to say they are leaving. But this project, or another very similar one, will go ahead. And I hope soon." [Florentino Perez - AS]

Net debts from the 12 clubs involved in the Super League. [Tuttosport]

Profit/loss of the 12 Super League clubs in 2019/20. [Tuttosport]


Moise Kean talks Allegri and Juventus

“I’ve had many important coaches, Allegri is one of them. He trusted me even though I was a hothead. He let me play and believed in me, I'll be forever grateful to him. Allegri is special, I like him a lot. He encourages you to work harder. He makes a joke, you laugh, but then you think back and realize that he wanted to teach you something in that way. Without him, I wouldn't have grown up like this. Juve has given me everything and I've grown up there, without them I wouldn't be here now. But that's a player's life and I've come to terms with it. Juve will always remain in my heart. Back to Juve? I don't know, now I'm enjoying the Champions League semi-finals with PSG, and then we'll see. If we knew what happens tomorrow, we'd all be rich Chiellini was the wisest of the group, he treated me like a little brother, he always gave me advice. He treated me like a little brother, he always gave me advice and told me how to join the group and how to stay with it." [Gazetta dello Sport]


Transfer news

Juve are pressing to sign Dembele, Barca has set the price at 50 million euros. However, Juve are in contact with the player's agents in order to find an agreement for a free transfer in 2022. [SPORT]

The Champions League is decisive for the renewal of Dybala. In case of qualification for the UCL, the club can decide to offer an important contract. [Gazetta dello Sport]

PSG want to include Dybala is a possible Juventus-Icardi deal. [Tuttosport]

Morata's future in Turin is not in question. Juventus want to renew the loan deal. Paratici, however, has already let Atletico Madrid know that he does not want to pay the €10 million requested and has offered half of it. [Calciomercato]


Marcelo Lippi talks about Juventus

"I see Juve in good shape. They didn't deserve to lose against Atalanta and they came back against Parma. At the moment they're struggling to score with their forwards - it's strange to see three goals by 2 defenders. Cristiano is a champion and he has shown that throughout his career. But let's not forget that he is also the top scorer in this league. Future as a Juventus director? "No comment". [Lippi - Tuttosport]