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Emerson Palmieri still a target

Juventus are still interested in going for Emerson Palmieri. The player could be purchased at a bargain price, his contract expires in 2022. Napoli and Inter are also interested. [Calciomercato]

No planned meetings with Pirlo

Regarding the rumors of a possible meeting (in the next few hours or so) between the management and Andrea Pirlo, I have not found any kind of confirmation. [Tuttojuve]

Gosens race is on

Gosens could be the first purchase of Juventus, the club may soon make a serious attempt for the player, knowing that Atalanta wants 40mln euro. [Gazzetta dello Sport]

Exchange of words after the game

Immediately after the game: shouts were heard coming out of the locker room. There would have been talks between Pirlo and Agnelli. A few weeks ago Pirlo was convinced to continue his experience at Juventus... now he ain’t sure anymore. [La Stampa]

Worrying free-kick stats

Since joining Juventus, Ronaldo took 72 free-kicks scoring only 1. [La Republica]