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Spezia is proving they are up to the Serie A level, they were thought to be a cinderella team. They've achieved results against great teams. It will be an important game because we have to redeem the two points we lost and continue to fight for the Scudetto.

Every game is judged on mistakes and good plays. We conceded a goal at a time when there were no signs of Verona being dangerous and that hurts. We've analyzed the mistakes and we'll try to avoid them.

Chiesa won't play as a second striker because we don't have any solutions on the outside, he's playing well there and he'll continue there. Morata trained with us for a while and we'll see if we can get him on the bench tomorrow morning.

McKennie is better but he too is coming from a lot of games and has this pain flare-up. He should rest but we need his input.

The objective doesn't change, we are far from the top but we have to think only about winning game after game without looking at the others. There are many games to be played, and as long as there is room to recover we will be there.

Arthur is continuing his rehabilitation period and we hope to have him back as soon as possible.

We know we lost points on the way, but we look to the future and to Spezia, an important game to play and to win.

Danilo will be back tomorrow and he'll give me lots of options and I can change that as the game goes on. The 442 has remained unchanged only in non-possession, in the build-up it changes from game to game depending also on the opponents.

Tomorrow's choices are not based on Saturday's game but on who I have available. I've got a few available and I'll try to use those to make my line-up, I'll have some U23s in the squad to bring in on or even play from the start.

I'm not just speaking on my own behalf but for the team as a whole. The lads believe in it and they want to get back to winning the title and this makes me feel comfortable. The team has the spirit and the desire to achieve important goals.

All years are not the same, it happens that you run into defeats. I knew I was starting a difficult journey in a particular year. We've tried to build a super-competitive team and we are one.

The only thing we didn't anticipate was having so many injuries at the same time. But I'm happy with those available and I continue to have great confidence in them.

I tried to keep the boys calm and let them recover their energy. After so many games you get tired. Tomorrow morning we'll have a more specific training session so we can get right into the game.

I don't envy anyone, I was lucky enough to start at Juve and I think everyone would have accepted it. The mood is good, but let's not lower our heads, we can achieve our goals.

I think it's right that the referees talk, but it's important that we talk about episodes from the recent games