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The football that I would like.


The founding idea of ​​my football is based on the will of proactive football, possession and attack. I would like to play total football, with 11 active players in the offensive & defensive phase. We have the ambition to command the play in both phases.

The "playing style" must be the common thread of my team. Meaning for "playing style” that common thread composed of principles, positions and emotions between the players themselves. A game based on the collective but that is able to enhance the strongest individualities.

The two key principles of my idea of ​​football are related to the ball:

- We want and must keep it as long as possible until we attack and we must have a strong competitive ferocity to go recover immediately once the ball is lost.

The definition and creation of the ideal “CONTEXT” (tactical, technical,physical-athletic and emotional) to make our players express their best, it will be our most important challenge. I would also like to mention the teams that inspired me in the formation of my idea of ​​football. Teams and coaches I have admired as a fan and others with whom I was lucky enough to play together or against: Cruijff's Barcelona and then Guardiola's, Van Gaal's Ajax, Ancelotti's Milan up to Conte's Juventus.

The players

As we will see later, in modern football the meaning of “the role” is changing. It is no longer a fixed position that identifies the characteristics of a player, but more and more are the different functions and therefore the tasks that a player performs during the game. Therefore the characteristics of the players are enhanced through the tasks he is called upon to perform.

However we quickly see the main qualities of top players level in modern football through classic roles.


In addition to the classic characteristics of the goalkeeper in defending the goal, a modern goalkeeper cannot fail to have quality in the defense and in the game in possession of the ball. The defense of space forward becomes essential to cover the spaces with a high defensive line and aggressive. In ball possession, the goalkeeper is also in all effects a construction player able to choose the most effective solution, to lead the ball and find a pass.


Together with the goalkeeper, the role of the central defender is what has changed the most in the last 30 years, both in defensive and in offensive phase. Now the defender must be able to mix skills as well to cover large spaces if we want to have an offensive team that attacks with many players. In the possession phase the defenders became the first directors of the team. Now the "key passes"of the central defenders are close to those of the central midfielders.