The eternal, the injured, the praised — Sami Khedira.

"Sami is an intelligent and smart player, [...]"

(Löw, in his interview regarding Germany next match against Italy in Euro 2016)

"Maybe he (Sami) is not a player with very high talent and ability, but he has a very smart game perspective and offensive moves. For now, I don't understand at all why Sami and Coentrao get criticized all the time. In my opinion, Sami is the best player in his position."

(Mourinho and his interview in “The Coaches Voice, Jose Mourinho Masterclass)

"Khedira will have a role as a new player for Juventus."

(Massimilano Allegri, 2018)

The above utterances are conveyed explicitly, factually, directly and clearly. Maybe Löw, Mou, and Allegri's words of significance or strength will diminish as the days and nights change. But for Sami Khedira, his figure is timeless. Perhaps Sami is a true Juventino, who embraces the motto "A true gentleman never leaves his lady" in a radical and subversive way. However, maybe Sami also forgot that the protagonist in this script of love story is “our lady”—Juventus, not him, not Khedira.

Showed by the last 10 matches of Juventus, his name has never appeared in the starting eleven or on the bench—not even on the reserve. His closest relationship to the green field was when he did a couple of training together at the Juventus Training Center, Vinovo. Hence it is very difficult to ward off that Sami Khedira is still included in Pirlo's plans for Juventus this season. Left alone the struggle we had to remove and unload Sami from our squad. Furthermore, the significance of his presence is also lacking due to his limitations on his pyshical abilities and talent, and of course this has not taken into account for his his injury — which is very, very long and often happens. Sigh.

I believe that Khedira has always been criticized by the Madrid and Juventus supporter, but instead gets the antithesis by the ranks of world managers and football directors. This has led to the formation of a gap between the soccer coach and the supporters: a very sharp argument but with a very opposite poles of thought. A puzzle, an enigma. His presence on the field is often said to have more significance in unwritten things—such as the mental strength of the squad by Max's words, or his contribution on the team's ability to overload and counter attacks according to Mou. But this contribution will certainly not be present, if an idea or name from Sami Khedira itself cannot be present and exist in the field. In other words, the green field and the bench are the biggest court tables for calcio. Contribution, or nothing.

But this suffering doesn't stop there...

It is necessary to understand a context that currently the world is experiencing a pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, so that it provides many boundaries with our life—with football. With this, Juventus must determine strong management policies to reduce and lower club’s losses and risks that are always lurking behind. But personally, I believe that this is no worse than Juventus' relegation period, and the 2009-2011’s banter era. I also believe that Juventus choosing Pirlo as its option in this pandemic transition period is a risky but rational choice. Of course, things like choosing a new coach without pre-season matches, injuries, and players contracted or infected from Covid-19 are something that must be taken into account. With a hope so that supporters will try to have a better understanding towards the process rather than the final result. However, it is still very regrettable because this ended up with Juventus and our very possible option to return to using the services of Sami Khedira on the field.

Adam Digby with his 2017’s tweet—I repeat, 2017, once mentioned that Sami doesn't have much left to offer and contribute. This tweet was used by him after the match between Juventus and Genoa—the super mediocre side A team that only finished 16th the previous season. This made the football manager's very vocal praising regarding Sami’s intelligences and mental abilities is as well as nonsense. Gradually, we all understood and got tired, straight taken from and with patterns and straight from the football pitch that ended with supporters who began to believe that all of that— the ability to read matches, intelligence, mental maturity and so on, had never been seen as contributing. Now it's up to me, or it's up to us, and it's up to Juventus—to answer this big question: Can we give Sami another chance?

For me personally, never mind about Sami. Since talking about Pirlo fielding our number 33 alone, has got me very tired.

Fino Alla Fine


By @AirSong21

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