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The Dybala situation, from renewal to swap deals to a free transfer

Source: Tuttosport - Guido Vagiaco

It is not time to sign. Paulo Dybala's new contract, therefore, remains frozen, but not because of the coldness of relations with Juventus, which are indeed dense and cordial in recent times, but for the uncertainty of the moment. In the numbers of that contract, in fact, there is a very important economic commitment, too important to be taken without the certainty of cashing the (many) money of the next Champions League and in the middle of a pandemic that has drained the coffers of the clubs.

The situation is always the same: Juventus have proposed a renewal of 10 million net per season to Dybala (who now earns 7.5) and that proposal (on the table since the autumn, as president Agnelli revealed in December) has not yet been accepted. On the other hand, the Argentine's entourage and the Argentine himself have always denied having asked for 15 million net per season, but evidently, they want more than what Juventus have offered. However, all this is not the subject of any discussion at the moment. A bit because Dybala, in the last three months, has been busy with the painful and tiring return to the field (not to mention the dinners at McKennie's house, but that's another story). Now that he's finally back in style, there's a Champions League qualification and a Coppa Italia to be won, perhaps with his consistent contribution. That's what Pirlo, the club, and Paulo's teammates are hoping for, and on Wednesday they rushed from all over the pitch and the bench to shower him with a hug of affection and hope. Because without Dybala's goals it has been a difficult season and with Dybala's goals it could become much less bitter.

So, the renewal will be discussed more seriously in May, when Fabio Paratici will understand if he can count on the money of the Champions League or not and will also be able to count the goals of his number ten. In short, with many more parameters available, the negotiation will be more delineated.

But does Juventus want to keep Dybala or sell him? The question is not the simplest: because if on the one hand, the Bianconeri's search for a renewal indicates the concrete will to keep the Joya (Agnelli himself had, a few months ago, outlined a future as Juventus' leader for the youngster), on the other hand, if a market proposal were to present itself that would satisfy everyone (therefore also Paulo), Juventus would take the hypothesis into serious consideration. For months, someone has been talking about the possibility of an exchange between Dybala and Pogba, which Juventus and Manchester United could find very interesting: the same age, the same contract expiry date in 2022, the same problems for the renewal would turn the operation into a great victory for the clubs and, in the end, also for the Frenchman, who dreams of returning to Turin.

Dybala wants to stay. He does not have any doubts, even if the negotiation on the contract renewal sees him distant for now. Juventus is for the number ten a challenge to win more and more and, at the same time, a comfort zone in which he is pampered by a consistent part of the fans, ready to forgive him the repeated absences, in love with his brilliant talent, even when it is expressed intermittently. Two years ago, the Joya had blown up the exchange with Romelu Lukaku: Dybala did not want to go to Manchester and so did not move from Turin, on the contrary of the Belgian bomber who, having missed the Juventus opportunity, had flown to Inter. This year he could still be included in some exchange operations, but it is likely that Dybala's position will not change.

His fate, then, is also decided by Ronaldo. The Portuguese's stay at Juventus would certainly take away space from him, but on the other hand, even in the event that CR7 leaves Juventus at the end of the season, Dybala's position would be carefully analyzed. Dybala knows this and doesn't think much of it. Right now his desire is to keep scoring, as he did on Wednesday night so that he can come to the table in May with a long string of goals to weigh in the scales that will decide his future. The conquest of the Champions qualification, for him, could have an even more direct effect.