The Derby d'Italia: more than just 3 points

Inter is expected to be aggressive at first, but Juventus have prepared for it and we mustn't be afraid to go to the San Siro and play our game - as we are Juventus. It will likely be a match filled with tactics, but we must also remember to be free in our minds, not letting the pressure of this match mount.

While Juventus are still waiting for COVID-19 test results, some injured players have now rejoined the team and will be assessed to see who may be fit enough to start.

Our captian Giorgio Chiellini seems to be fine, as he didn't have any problems following the match against Genoa. He wants to play this important game, and we're happy to have Giorgio back because as he's a huge added value, and brings comfort to that Juventus backline.

You never start with a draw, we'll go to try to win the game. It's important but not fundamental for the championship, we have to play it openly knowing the strength of Inter, who are a great team.

I learned a lot from Conte, he was the first to encourage me to study coaching. I thank him, but now we are on two different benches. He's having a great career and he's a great person.

We are studying tactical alternatives, we have Ramsey, McKennie and other solutions. We've studied it in to details, then we'll see what we do in the game tomorrow.

McKennie trained with us today, he's not 100%, it's a discomfort that can come back but it's good to have him with us. We'll see if he'll start or comes from the bench.

You can make mistakes as a coach, but a lot depends on the work you do with the team on a daily basis.

Ramsey is fine, he worked all week with the group and he has no problem to play.

We have different characters, maybe that's why me and Conte get along well. We spoke at the beginning of the season. I still have great respect and affection for him, he has given me a lot and made Juventus history.

It's the derby of Italy, it’s more than just 3 points. There is maximum concentration because we have the opportunity to face a great team.

For us De Ligt is important, but we have other champions and so when he is out we field other great players. We could have done without this absence, but we feel strong with Giorgio and Leo at the back.

Games are difficult to play when you play every three days. You have to take advantage of every little thing to get the better of them, you have to be concentrated to the maximum not to concede anything.

Morata is fine, we would have liked to avoid playing him for 120 minutes, but we have complicated life for ourselves in that game.

Conte is trying to take the pressure off his team and put it on us. But we're Juve, we've been winning for nine years and we're used to it. They are no different, they are built to win the Scudetto.

Against the big teams you are always concentrated, you can't do anything wrong. I've seen that the boys want to play a great game tomorrow and that's why I'm confident.

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