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The Day After Breakdown: Juventus versus Genoa

Torino, April 11th, 2021 – Looking to build off a decisive win against Napoli, Pirlo’s men most definitely looked motivated in yesterday morning’s match against Genoa. Even with just minutes remaining and winning handsomely, Juventus continued to push for a goal. Yesterday’s result and performance is what should be the standard for the Old Lady, given the quality this side has. After all, we are Juventus.

Please, be patient with our young players

As a ‘results-based club,’ many fans are quick to jump to conclusions when voicing their opinions on certain players – specifically, some of Juventus’ younger players. Since joining permanently from Parma, I’ve seen plenty of slanders thrown in the direction of Kulusevski. While yes, Kulu has not particularly had a perfect first season with the Bianconeri, this is no reason for fans to simply discredit his potential. I strongly believe that the Swede has the desire, and the skill, to one day, be a very important player for Juventus. Please keep in mind, he is only twenty years old, and there is quite a large difference between Parma, and a club like Juventus. The club and fans alike would be quite disappointed with themselves if we were to overlook yet another young player who is still developing – would we really like another situation similar to that of, say, Kingsley Coman? Calma, Calma.

Against Genoa, it only took Kulusevski four minutes to wire home Juventus’ first goal of the match. Following a couple of misplaced passes in which assisted the opposing team, Kulu seemed to put the worst behind him, and in return got a much-needed confidence boost.

Strong team mentality

Finally – the Juventus mentality that this squad has sorely missed. After the horror shows versus both Benevento and Torino, the Bianconeri have now strung two positive performances together, giving much more hope for the remainder of the season. I must say, although this team has dropped some pretty questionable points throughout this season, I find that this Juve side cannot be kept down for too long.

From the first minute until the final whistle was blown, Juventus seemed hungry. When Genoa was in possession, the Old Lady did not simply settle in and absorb pressure – all players were quick to apply pressure, and work with one another in order to win the ball back. This season, Juventus have struggled to recognize instances during a match in which it is necessary to take control. If we were to put the last two fixtures under a lens, I would say that Juventus have definitely grown in this respect.

Must remain focused

Although some may brush it off, there is quite a bit weighing on the remainder of the season for the Bianconeri. The standout matches include Atalanta, Sassuolo, AC Milan, and Inter Milan. Not only must Juventus secure their spot in next year’s Champions League, there is still much potential for a strong finish to the season – it does not seem as though Inter will slip up too much at this point, but I believe that second place is completely for the taking. Not to mention, that there is still a Coppa Italia final left to be played. Yes, there is still much to look forward to, however, the rest of the season is also crucial to set the standard going into next season. It’s not ‘fino alla fine’ for nothing.