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The chemistry with the players was not there.

The choice to appoint Sarri as coach of Juventus raised eyebrows right from the start. The question was always: "Does his style suit Juventus?". He is one of those coaches who like to say a little too much in the media when the results are a bit disappointing. Something Juventini doesn't like.

Despite the fact that he won the Scudetto, the way he won was not good enough. It was mainly "Ronaldo or nothing". The problems with Ronaldo after his change, it was clear from the beginning that he and the group didn't really find each other.

Agnelli made this clear once again:

I have great memories of Maurizio the man. He’s cultured with a good sense of humour and several interests outside of football. The game is his main passion though and he is all in. I am happy that he won the Scudetto with us. Over the years I’ve seen how team spirit develops, allowing a side to overcome hurdles which appear insurmountable. I don’t believe that spirit ever developed between Maurizio and the club. However, we still won a Scudetto together. I was the one that suggested he take the trophy to the museum and he will go down in Juventus club history as a coach who won silverware.


Source: Juventus press-conference