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The battle plan for a Juventus win: Juventus vs Genoa

This Wednesday game against Genoa is a very different challenge to Juventus in comparison to the last time the two clubs face each other.

Since the return of Davide Ballardini “I Rossoblú” has been very organized with a 3-5-2 formation. On the defensive side, the team of Liguria is improving allowing three goals since their loss to Benevento and offensively they are making their presence felt scoring six goals in four games.

Juventus needs to be very careful tactically to avoid an upset in the Copa Italia match. Juventus wing play is going to be crucial on the offensive side, Genoa’s defense uses a three-man line on the back which exposes their wings constantly and leaves the center backs without support. In the game against Sassuolo, Genoa’s three-man back was under constant pressure this could be the blueprint for Pirlo’s squad using crosses to the striker or association with the midfielders to break opposing defense.

Counters will also be a very important tool for the “Bianconeri”, using the speed of players like Kulusevski or Morata will help break the organized defense. Genoa has developed a higher-pressure style of defense so Juventus cannot make mistakes building from the back because that could cost a goal to “la Vecchia Signora” especially with strikers like Destro, Scamacca, or Shomurodov. At the same time breaking that higher line of pressure can help the Juventini find the opposing area.

On the defensive side, Juventus must be careful with long balls to the strikers who are very capable of using their pace to create chances.

The wings are the areas in which Genoa creates most of their danger, taking into consideration that the “Rossoblu” have struggled creating good chances from the middle they have become very prolific using their wingbacks to create danger.

But their counters will be the biggest danger to Juventus in this game. The Seria A champions have shown weakness in transition which can be a risk, taking into consideration that Genoas counters have improved a lot since the beginning of the season.

But in the end, a good attitude will be crucial for a Juventus win. After all the injuries and Covid-19 cases, many key players won’t be available, which gives the players who are available the responsibility to perform at their best and to give a good impression before the game against inter Milan next Sunday.