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The battle plan for a Juventus win: Inter vs Juventus

The “Derby d’Italia” is the most important and passionate game for Juventus every year. The rivalry between Inter and the “Bianconeri” makes these games one of the most competitive ones in the world. But this year with the rising of the “Nerazzurri” the game is more important than ever.

Tactics will be crucial to win the game and get closer to ten “Scudetto” in a row. Defensively Juventus will have to be very strong in order to stop Inter, a team that haves four main weapons: counters, wing play, pivoting by the strikers, and set pieces.

Inter Milan counters are extremely dangerous using their fast wingbacks and two extraordinary strikers. Juventus must be able to control the tempo of the game and to avoid losing the ball in dangerous areas. Minimizing the errors will be key to avoid deadly counters that can benefit Inter’s strikers. Correct High pressure will also be crucial, not living the central defenders expose needs to be a priority so the midfielders must pressure in an organized manner and support the Juventus wing players to avoid Inter wingbacks to go deep.

Another dangerous part of Inter’s game is their striker’s movement and associations. Juventus central defenders must be very careful with Lautaro and Lukaku. The Inter’s strikers are very good at combining with each other and their wingbacks. Lautaro constantly moves to space and is very good at taking advantage of the defence holes. On the other hand, Lukaku is very good at using his physical ability to pivot which he constantly does which gives Lautaro space or good association with Hakimi who has great pace and control in the wing. The Belgium player is very fast for his size also which he uses in space and with movement to the defence back.

The last treat comes from set-pieces which inter has dominated in the last games. For Juventus offensively set pieces are also a weapon and with the height of our players, we must be able to attack inter on every corner or free-kick.

Wing play will also be a tool for Turin’s team to stretch the defence and avoid a concentration of defenders in the middle, having strikers like Morata and Cristiano will help the Juventini cross the ball effectively and with danger.