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The battle plan for a Juventus win against SPAL

Juventus’ next “Copa Italia” game against SPAL can be a trap or very decisive win, it all depends on the mentality and tactics that Turin’s team uses in the game. SPAL was able to win a game against a Sassuolo team that was clearly rotating, but that should not take away from the win. The “Bianconeri” need to be ready to kill the game early to avoid any complication that may occur.

Defensively, Juventus needs to use an organized high pressure, that will severely limit a team that does not have a style that favors building from the back. SPAL's attack uses mostly the wings to cross the ball looking for a striker. Juventus must avoid those crosses by pressing constantly on the wingbacks, they're the ones who execute this tactic.

Counters are the second-best option for SPAL using their speed in open spaces, “La Vecchia Signora” most control the midfield and use the organized pressure to avoid these dangerous transitions.

Meanwhile, offensively Juventus has multiple ways to attack, but the correct associations between strikers and midfielders in going to be the best way. SPAL has shown in the past that their defense leaves holes in which passes can go through if they are played fast enough. Players like Arthur and Ramsey may use passes between lines to break the pressure and give the ball to the strikers in dangerous areas. Wing play can be a very important weapon, not only to cross but also to associate and creating shooting chances for midfielders outside the area. Chiesa and Bernardeschi’s one to one can be on display in this game using their change of pace as a weapon.

SPAL might also try to pressure high at certain moments. Juventus can then use the long-ball, whilst taking into consideration the speed of strikers like Morata and Kulusevski, which may be effective with the correct movements behind the defense.

Counters may not come frequently, because the “Bianconeri” are expected to have a higher possession. However without a doubt, those chances must be exploited and taken into consideration of how good we have been through the season with spaces.