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The battle plan for a Juventus win against Sampdoria

The next game against Sampdoria is one that will determine a lot of things for the “Bianconeri", both in the present and in the future. A good performance can maintain Juventus’s chances of winning the Scudetto and boost their morale, taking into consideration that they will play Inter in the Coppa Italia. But this match must be taken serious because of the rivalry.

Claudio Ranieri’s team is not the same one that “la Vecchia Signora” played in the first Serie A game. Under the veteran coach, Sampdoria has become a very capable team that's been able to compete with some of the best teams in the tournament. Offensively the team from Genoa has organized themselves and become very adaptable to different circumstances. Without a lot of possession, Sampdoria is capable of countering with speed using organized passes and using the long ball if necessary.

Juventus must be ready to recuperate the ball fast to avoid dangerous counters, in this the midfield will be key. The defender must be alerted to intercept any long balls.

Sampdoria is also capable of playing with the ball. Their associating game has improved a lot and they are capable of giving short passes, putting their attacker in good positions to score. To avoid these dangerous situations, The Bianconeri must use a high-pressure to disrupt any kind of play, while at the same time having possession. Crosses are another important weapon against that Juventus should avoid. The wingbacks should be ready to interrupt them and the central defender must not lose track of any striker.

The last Sampdoria weapon is set pieces. They have been creating many dangerous chances from corner and free kicks. Turin’s defender must be ready and organized to avoid mistakes that may lead to a goal.

Offensively the “Bianconeri” must be ready to penetrate a hard defense that can press high in some moments or defend themselves in the area. Good associations are going to be necessary to find players in good scoring positions. Crosses will also be important; this will create dangerous chances for our strikers but also stretch the defense which would key for mote penetration in the middle. Juventus must use the counter in the moments Sampdoria uses a high press. Juventus has to attack with speed and verticality using a low quantity of touches to minimize possible mistakes. Set pieces can be a weapon that we should use correctly to create chances, but these changes must be used in a smart way to avoid counters.

Sampdoria is a very adaptable team that is able to play in different styles. Juventus must impose themselves from the beginning using constant pressure to defend and score, dictating the tempo of the game from the beginning until the end.