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The battle plan for a Juventus win against Roma

The next game against Roma is going to be a revenge game for Juventus. To obtain the desired victory correct tactics and mentality must be present, let's not forget how good of a team Roma is. Paulo Fonseca’s team has displayed a very offensive style of football, which uses a lot of fast passes trying to use their four-man midfield effectively. Their wingers are also good associating, which stretches the opposing defense allowing more space in the middle.

Defensively Juventus must use high pressure to avoid the easy building of Roma’s game. Pressuring those two central midfielders in Roma’s 3-4-2-1 is going to be key to dominate the game, but the pressure must be organized because of “la Loba” ability to move the ball fast. Juventus must be aware of “I Giallorossi” wing play which will be present and will be supported constantly by the two attacking midfielders. The “Vecchia Signora” must support the wing defense with midfielders to avoid the two vs one.

Longball can be used in two different ways by Roma depending on the striker. If mayoral is playing, he will surely attack the pace behind the striker, but this is not Roma’s favorite way of playing. In this case, Juventus central defenders must be aware of the Spanish movement, to be able to intercept any dangerous long pass. If Dzeko is the striker, the team from Italy’s capital will use the striker to avoid the high pressure. The Bosnian is also one of the best target men in Europe so his ability to play with the back against the goal is spectacular, which will be great for the attacking midfielders. In this case, the central defenders must be ready to win the one-on-one duel. However, this might be difficult at times because of the ability of the Veteran striker.

Offensively, midfield control will be key. This will allow Juventus to move the ball and penetrate from the middle. Roma has shown weakness stopping inside passes, so this can be the way to create danger. Wing play will be present in this game and using it accordingly will be a very important weapon for Juventus. Attacking the spaces left by Roma’s wingback will help the “Bianconeri” to vary their attack. Midrange shots must be used, as the goalkeeping in Roma has been a question mark. Taking chances from afar may result in unexpected opportunities for Juventus. The counter is one of Roma’s problems defensively, thus this weakness has to be exploited. Players like Chiesa and Cuadrado will have a good game if they are able to use their pace to create chances.

Juventus must be relentless in this game from the start to the finish. It has to be a battle in which the “Bianconeri” can’t let Roma feel comfortable on the pitch. Making this game a fight in the middle will surely give the edge to Turin. Pirlo has to make the players show “grinta” from the beginning until the end.