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The battle plan for a Juventus win against Napoli

Wednesday's game against Napoli is going to be a very difficult one for Juventus. Mentally the "Bianconeri" have to become stronger and recuperate from a devastating loss against Inter Milan in which they were dominated.

On the other hand, Napoli comes from a spectacular performance against Fiorentina, a team that beat Juventus by three goals to zero. Tactically many adjustments must be made if “la Vecchia Signora” expects to win.

The “Azzurri” is a very balanced team probably one of the most balanced teams in all of Serie A, which influences their game style. Under Gatusso Napoli plays in an organized 4-2-3-1, which enables them to be very associative in the middle without losing the with on the attack. Juventus must be willing to pressure them high to destroy that inside link between midfielders. Juventus needs to be ready for long balls because Napoli is not afraid to use the speed of their wing players to attack the spaces left by the wingback's.

The midfielder must be ready to over support when the wing players are playing forward and are not able to come back in time. Counter attacks must be controlled, Juventus has become vulnerable especially in the last game, this can be a recipe for disaster.

Juventus must be able to control the tempo of the game at all times. But Pirlo’s team needs to work with pace and numbers offensively. Our wings must be used effectively, Napoli is a team that is well organized in the middle, so Juventus needs to add with to their offensive game.

The play in the center must be quick to obtain maximum penetration. Longballs to our strikers won’t be that effective, but when the south Italian team does a high-pressure style of defense the long ball may be a good alternative.

The “Bianconeri” must be dominating the center of the pich this will allow the team to create and maintain a united front in the attack and defensively it will minimize Napoli’s chances. Juventus must show “Grinta” if they expect to win a game as hard as this one. Intensity must be a weapon that Turin’s teams use until the end of the game.