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The battle plan for a Juventus win against Inter

The next game against Inter is going to be defined by two main aspects: Pirlo’s capability to adapt tactically and the intensity of the midfield. The last time Juventus and Inter played the “Bianconeri” were not in the game and the “Nerazzurri” dominated every aspect of the game. This time, the team of Torino will need to win the battle in the center of the field, which will allow a more fluid game, attack with numbers, and fast passes.

Defensively, the champions of Italy must not let their opponents explode their wings. Inter will use their wingbacks and midfielders to overrun our defense from one wing and cross to the area, which will be attacked by the strikers and midfielders. Our central defender must be ready to identify these runs to the area and the midfielders must support by covering every player.

High pressure must be applied to destroy any possible association in the central area, this will cripple Inter's offensive options. But the “Bianconeri” must be organized, because a badly executed high pressure could leave spaces in the back which can be deadly.

Offensively, Juventus must be in control of the midfield to use possession to create constant chances. Association will be hard but fast passing between lines could prove decisive.

Wing play will also be crucial. Stretching a strong defense like Inter will allow better passing and will give the Juventus strikers the chance to shoot in better positions. Individual duels must be used, players Like Cuadrado and Chiesa can use their one to one to create spaces. The Longball will be a tool that can also help stretch the defense, using the longball to attack the spaces in the back of the central defenders or wingbacks.

Counter attacks will be golden opportunities, using the pace of Juventus attack can be crucial to penetrating an Inter defense that can be disorganized at times. Set pieces can also be very important, using our height the “Bianconeri” can make every set piece a dangerous occasion.

A game like this demands mental fortitude, Juventus were not good in this aspect. The intensity was not present in the first game against Inter. If “la Vecchia Signora” expects to win, “grinta” must be shown from the beginning to end.