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The adaptation period is over, I want to see a different fighting spirit.

"The game against Cagliari is fundamental, because we come from an inactivity linked to Nationals and we need it for our growth path. Now our League must begin. The period of adaptation is over."

"The adaptation period is over and from now until Christmas we will have 10 games to play as if they were finals. Tomorrow I want to see a different fighting spirit. "

"Playing with the national team has certainly done them good to gain fitness and confidence. We are happy that they are back with great desire and that they are ready to play."

"I hope the experiments are over. I had the opportunity to work with players willing to dialogue and willing to make technical-tactical changes, so I am happy about that. Depending on the games something will always change, even someone's movement."

"Cagliari is an excellent team. Di Francesco has brought great enthusiasm, a good development of the game, good players both in midfield and in attack, of experience. It will be an important and difficult game, but we must look at ourselves and try to win."

"Everything has changed, there is no longer the sense of fear of the smaller teams to come and play at the Stadium or San Siro, where there was perhaps a bit of pressure. Everything has turned upside down but we are in a particular period and we are used to it now."

"We had a good game in Rome, too bad we didn't close it. It is important when you have that kind of opportunity, this must be the mentality, you have to keep playing to close the games. It must be the mentality to continue our growth."

"Morata is a strong player, we took him for this reason, he regained confidence and continuity that he lacked both in London and at Atletico, we knew his value and now we we keep him."