Sacking Allegri was a mistake!

Patrice Evra speals with La Repubblica about Max Allegri and his return.

As I told Agnelli, Allegri should never have left in 2019 because of the passion and love he has for Juve, despite the initial hatred of many fans. Coming back is never easy. I told Allegri: 'You have to readjust yourself too, especially to the younger players. Don't be too hard on them.

Allegri always knows how a game will develop before it starts. In the return leg of the 2015 UCL round of 16 in Dortmund, he predicted everything. Before the match, he told us: "This is a friendly game". Whereas a few days earlier against Genoa he was shouting at us as if it was a Champions League final. That's Allegri's way: he's obsessed with "smaller" matches, he doesn't care about big matches.

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