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Roma vs Juventus player rating.

SZCZESNY - 7: Very good save to deny Mkhitaryan in the first half. Will be upset he didn’t save Veretout’s penalty. Commanded his area in the second half. Tidy display by the polish international.

DANILO- 7: Juve community tend to give the brazilian a hard time but today he was pretty good. Provided the assist for ronaldo’s goal. Made a number of crucial interceptions and kept the tricky spinnazola fairly quiet. Good outing.

Bonucci- 5: He was made to look very poor to put Mkhitaryan through on goal. Looked really off the pace. Definitely him and Chiellini will struggle against pacy attacks. Pretty average performance by Leo

Chiellini- 4: Very poor this evening by Giorgio. His distribution out the back looked very clumsy and he had a fairly tough time with Dzeko. As fixtures pile up you can definitely see that he cannot handle 90 minutes consistenly.

Cuadrado- 5: Not bad nor was he good either. You could tell he looked uncomfortable on the left. Didn’t really impose himself in the game. Frabotta came on late and did more going forward in his short stint.

Mckennie- 3: Terrible outing from the american international. The occasion looked too big for him. His passing was off and his energy which is his strength wasn’t there at all. Weston and rabiot were outplayed by Roma’s midfield. Rightly substituted in the second half. A Learning experience.

Rabiot- 3: To be honest a few majestic touches in the first half but he faded drastically. It was his give away and handball that resulted in the penalty. In the second half he played like he forgot he was on a yellow card. A disastrous performance that almost costed juve the game.

Kulusevski-6: A fairly decent performance. First half he was pretty good but faded in the second half. Looked more comfortable in the game vs sampdoria. Today he struggled in the second half to impose himself in the game. A sure star in the making though.

Ramsey 4: MOTM display last week but this week he looked rather ordinary. Roma did not allow him time and space on the ball and the welsh man struggled to dictate the play. Non existent performance.

Morata 4: Thrown in right away by pirlo and Alvaro struggled to make an impact. Held the ball up well in the first half but then faded as time went by. Had a chance in the second half that he took a little too long to shoot. Is he the number nine that can take juve to the next level? Based on tonight, no, but it’s still early goings