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Recap of Pirlo's press conference: "The Champions League is special"

I expect a very complicated game, they defend very well. They are a team with a bit of Atletico Madrid style in them: tight lines, compact. We mustn't force plays.

The Champions League is special, I was lucky enough to play it. There are a lot of teams fighting to win, but it depends a lot on when you face the teams. It's important to arrive with a clear head and to play the game for 180 minutes.

We are trying to achieve all the goals. We're halfway through the season and in the running for everything and that's the most important thing. We played a good game on Saturday, we missed the result but we're not worried about the follow-up.

The UCL is a goal, a dream... but not all dreams come true. It's important to believe and know that we can go all the way.

Porto is different from us, they change between the league and UCL. In the league, they are more offensive, in UCL more like Atletico. We can't always have possession of the ball, everyone likes to attack but you also have to defend.

They've all been called up, they'll all travel with us. Bonucci is not available. Ramsey is ready. Dybala, on the other hand, is not yet ready to play.

Cristiano returns home with an even greater desire to score goals and perform well. He'll want to show who he is again.

Bonucci had another problem and we'll evaluate him in the next few days, but he's not available for tomorrow.

Dybala has to give us some goals because we've never had him and his goals weigh in the end. Hopefully, he can be the new signing in January and make us take the leap in quality.

Morata is not in his best period but we already knew that he has these moments in the season when he is not very good physically. He's happy, he's fine, he just needs to score goals like all forwards. He's sensitive, he tends to get down.

Morata played the other day, Kulusevski had a great game in the Coppa Italia. They're both available, then we'll decide who to start.

The UCL has a special flavor, when you get to the field the adrenaline rises so high you can do anything. I'd like to be on the pitch helping my boys, but they're better than me and they know they have to play with a clear head. They are ready for that.

Against Inter it was challenging and it got us used to what it will be tomorrow and in the following games. It made the players understand what it will be like to play two games to get through the round.

We will try to do our best. They have experience and high-quality players, we will have to be careful, calm because we cannot give them the chance to play on our mistakes. We have to play a very intelligent game.