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Recap of Pirlo's press conference: "It's never easy to play against Mr. Ranieri."

Sampdoria are a good team, they're coming off a good period and they've added quality to their squad. It's never easy to play against Mr. Ranieri, who I respect a lot.

How do you get to the first team? You have to be good. Fagioli joined after the departure of Portanova, he will be part of the group but he can still play with the U23.

Everyone should be training with the group today apart from Dybala but hopefully we're on the right track for him too. We have a tour de force of games, we'll have to see who feels better from time to time.

Tomorrow Chiesa will start from the beginning.

McKennie wants to improve, and can, he has room to grow and has the right mentality.

Against closed defences you need to be patient, not to force plays, to open them up and find the right moment. Ranieri keeps the lines very tight.

Morata is calm. He was coming back from an injury but he is recovering well, he played the other night. Tomorrow he will be at his best. He lives on enthusiasm, he knows he's important and I'm convinced he'll continue at his level.

Ronaldo had the day off and everyone can decide what to do in their private life. Dybala, like everyone, is happy to come to games and we are happy that he is at the stadium with the whole group.

Khedira has been training with us since the start of the season. The market will close soon, then we'll see what to do. We have already spoken about him in the past.

Mercato? If there's an opportunity we'll take it, otherwise we'll stay as we are because I have strong players who can continue the season.