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Aaron Ramsey is one of the players, from whom Juventus have decided to part ways, but whose salary, 7 million net per season and a whose disappointing performance in his two years with Juventus make the transfer complicated.

And Juventus have already recorded the first positive note from Ramsey's European Championship. It hasn't come from the pitch, but it's still important because it has certified that the desire to part ways is mutual. "I want to look for a place where I can feel good again," the Welshman said bluntly on the eve of his debut against Switzerland, describing the two Bianconeri years as "frustrating, not only because of injuries". After the difficulties encountered for some disposals in the last two seasons (Khedira above all, but not only), a sigh of relief.

A sigh stopped in the pre-match because Ramsey's performance was in chiaroscuro, certainly not enough to bewitch possible buyers. The Welshman, however, has at least two more games to suggest he can still be Arsenal's star player and attract new attention. Or convince the clubs who are already considering betting on him. That is precisely the Gunners, West Ham, and Crystal Palace. Everton has also considered the idea, but we will have to see what Carlo Ancelotti's heir on the bench will think about it: probably Nuno Espirito Santo. All English teams, and not just by chance, nor only because the Premier clubs are those who know the real Ramsey best: they are also the only ones who can come close to his salary. However, seven million net, with the current crisis, is a lot even in the Premier League.

So, even if Juventus would accept to release Ramsey for free, as it has always done with players signed at zero parameters that no longer fit into its plans, it is not sure that the interested clubs are willing to pay him the full salary that, for two more seasons, he would receive in black and white. The fact that Ramsey has declared that he wants to change air was a balm for the ears of the new general manager Federico Cherubini because it means that he should not ask for extra money to terminate his contract in advance. If, however, he has to reduce his salary in order to move to a new club, which is likely, there is a real risk that Juventus will have to cover at least part of that reduction. In the meantime, however, he hopes that Ramsey will become a key player at the European Championship. [Source: Tuttosport]