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Rabiot talks about Juventus

The season

The glass is half full because we won two trophies and qualified for the Champions League. And in the end, it wasn't a foregone conclusion. But it's also half empty because losing the Scudetto weighs heavily on us. It was a complicated season, we lost precious points against teams that on paper were less strong than us. We mustn't forget the difficulties linked to Covid and the infernal calendar, not an easy situation even for a coach making his debut. This is why the value of the two trophies we won should not be underestimated.


They deserved it, with equal difficulties they were able to give continuity to their performances. But we gave them a big help.


We had a good relationship with him. I used his advice to improve, for example on positioning, on the movements to receive the ball, always with one or two touches. These are the main indications of what he wanted to see on the pitch: receiving the ball and immediately directing the game, putting speed into it. I really appreciated his way of coaching, the freshness he brought as a coach, with clear ideas even if we didn't always manage to put them into practice. And then I like the passion and determination he brings to training and games, the pre-match speeches, at the break. He's passionate about his job, he's very attached to Juventus, he puts his heart into it. And when you put your heart into it there's not much to reproach yourself for.

Why did we not always saw Pirlo's ideas?

Maybe because some of us didn't understand his ideas as well as we could have, like defending with a 4-4-2 and then changing modules in the other phases, maybe going out of your preferred role. However, I sent him a message to say that he deserved a little more time to demonstrate the quality of his ideas. Unfortunately in today's football, at certain levels, there is no time. I'm sorry because I appreciate him as a person, as well as a coach who has allowed us to return to the Champions League and win two trophies, which is a great reward for a young coach.


Two years ago I signed because I knew he was on the bench. Allegri is a coach who has won a lot with Juve, reaching the Champions League final twice. And I think he has also taken advantage of these two years to observe the evolution of football. I imagine he will arrive with a great desire to do well.

The balance after 2 years at Juventus

Happy to finally work with Allegri, adapted to the Juve mentality, and acclimatized to the Italian league. And therefore better than two years ago. And also fit, determined to work, with a passion to win.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite Juve's complicated season, he has managed to score more than anyone else in Serie A. It makes me laugh when I hear that Juve plays better without him. Criticism is inevitable, but I don't always understand it. I also appreciate Ronaldo for his determination, passion, and desire to aim higher and higher. An attitude that drags the rest of the team and the club upwards. There are few players like that, it's better to have them by your side.


Although he's young, he integrated immediately: not easy in a year like this. There are few players like him around. I like his ease in eliminating the opponent with a dribble, his ability to create, his calmness in front of goal. If he improves his ability to concentrate, he's destined to be great.


He leaves a big void in Juve, to whom he always gave everything. He was a very important leader, even in difficult moments. And he is a person I respect. It's normal that at 43 he wants to do something else.