I began writing this article before halftime planning to open with a comment on how Bianconeri fans were seeing something they have not seen in almost over a decade: a Juventus team quit on the season. And for the first forty minutes, it appeared that the squad was doing just that. Fortuitously, the squad made a massive turnaround to seal the 3-1 victory through the remaining time this matchday and remained secure enough in the top four of the league. If that falters even a little in the coming weeks I wonder if Agnelli will feel pressured to make a move. Especially following the Super League travesty fans have endured the last 48 hours or so. Next up is a redemption match against Fiorentina in Florence on Sunday following the 3-0 drubbing they serve Juventus at home earlier this season.

Notice: All ratings are calculated through a stringent process utilizing statistics and the eye test called My Opinion and are most certainly incorrect.


Gianluigi Buffon - 6

Not completely his fault, but the Italian legend was in a poor position and unable to stop the free kick taken by Brugman for the opening score of the match in the 25’. Buffon easily tapped over a header by Karamoh in the 81’ that was dangerous all the same. Buffon contributed one save, one save from inside of the box, five accurate long balls, and one ground duel won.

Danilo Luiz da Silva - 6.5

Danilo gave a great challenge on Gervinho in the 59’ on an attack by the Parma striker that seemed sure to strike a dangerous chord with the Juventus defense, but the Brazilian cooly picked the player’s pocket and subsided any Juve alarms. The Brazilian also gave more than an effort to deliver some crosses into the box to attempt to set up his teammates for an additional goal. Danilo contributed two clearances, five tackles, five ground duels won, two aerial duels won, two key passes, two accurate crosses, three accurate long balls, and one big chance created.

Matthijs De Ligt - 7.5

De Ligt received the cross from Cuadrado’s corner in the 33’ and headed it into the box perfectly timed with Alex Sandro’s run across and was able to capitalize for the goal and tallying an assist for De Ligt. Matthijs De Ligt scored his first goal of the season later in the match off of a Cuadrado corner that was perfectly placed for the Dutchman to head into the goal. De Ligt had a solid additional takeaway and clearance in the 86’ to save a dangerous Parma assault. De Ligt contributed one goal, one assist, eight clearances, one interception, one ground duel won, four aerial duels won, one key pass, four accurate long balls, one shot on target, and one successful dribble.

Leonardo Bonucci - 6

The Italian captain had about as vanilla of a game as I can recall, nothing too terrible, yet nothing great to write home about either. Bonucci played a header in the 36’ on a cross from Alex Sandro went just wide and left of the goal post in a time where the goal was a necessity. Bonucci contributed one interception, three ground duels won, two aerial duels won, five accurate long balls, one shot off target, and one big chance missed.

Alex Sandro - 8

Alex Sandro scored the first goal for Juventus in the 44’, delivered from a Matthijs De Ligt header that was placed perfectly for the Brazilian to collect and deliver the equalizer to the back of the net. And he wasn’t done there. Early in the second half, Cuadrado delivered a cross in the box toward Paulo Dybala, but it fortuitously traveled past the Argentinian and into Sandro’s well-placed grasp where he was able to easily tap the ball in for the leading goal in the 47’. Sandro’s first-ever brace for the club. Sandro contributed two goals, two clearances, one tackle, five ground duels won, two aerial duels won, two key passes, one accurate cross, five accurate long balls, one big chance created, two shots on target, one shot off target, and two successful dribbles.

Juan Cuadrado - 7

Juan Cuadrado thrives in the midfield and I would argue he should remain there leaving his position starting in the defense so that he can continue to focus on delivering crosses and corner kicks as per his specialty. The corner kick from Juan Cuadrado set up for the chain of events that led to the eventual equalizer by Alex Sandro in the 33’ following the cross that connected with Matthijs De Ligt on the Dutchman’s way for an assist. Cuadrado delivered another specialty corner into the box that was perfectly placed for De Ligt to head into the goal for the third score of the match. Cuadrado had a solid shot that was saved by Colombi in the 71’ that could have stretched the lead by a 4-1 margin. Cuadrado ended the match tied for most assists in the league with nine total. Cuadrado contributed two assists, three key passes, three accurate crosses, three accurate long balls, two big chances created, one shot on target, one shot blocked, one successful dribble, and three ground duels won. Cuadrado was substituted off for Dejan Kulusevski in the 74’.

Rodrigo Bentancur - 5.5

Bentancur gave a less than impressive performance for most of the match as the player gave a lackluster effort in the wall that allowed for the opening goal from Parma. Later, the Uruguayan lazily allowed a hard effort by Paulo Dybala, saving possession and pass to Bentancur, to slide right past him and into the grasp of a waiting Parma midfielder. Bentancur contributed one key pass, one accurate long ball, two ground duels won, and two tackles. Rodrigo Bentancur was substituted off for Adrien Rabiot in the 74’.

Arthur Melo - 6.5

Arthur was granted a free kick in the 35’ following a review from the booth of a shirt tug that hindered the Brazilian’s progress in what could have set up a possible equalizing shot. The ensuing free kick by Dybala was unable to replicate Brugman’s success and was ricocheted off of the top of the wall. Arthur made a huge header clearance to save a goal on the line in the 64’, his second of the season. Arthur contributed one key pass, four accurate long balls, two successful dribbles, five ground duels won, one blocked shot, one interception, and one clearance off the line.

Weston McKennie - 5.5

The American had an overall weak performance from the ones Juventus fans have witnessed since his arrival in the summer (October). In the 66’ the American unfortunately made a bad play at stealing the Danilo cross that set up for a header attempt, but Cristiano Ronaldo was in a better position to receive it when McKennie connected and headed toward where Ronaldo ended up, causing the ball to ricochet off of the Portuguese player’s head and out of reach. McKennie contributed one key pass, two accurate long balls, one shot off target, one successful dribble, one big chance missed, and three ground duels won. McKennie was substituted off for Aaron Ramsey in the 74’. Weston McKennie was penalized with a yellow card in the 23’.

Paulo Dybala - 6

Dybala had a couple of attempts to create that fell short due to the shortcomings of the likes of Bentancur and others, but the striker, while not having a great game, gave a solid effort in his performance to be a bulldog and chase down loose balls and move possession in Juve’s direction. Dybala contributed one shot on target, one shot off target, one shot blocked, three successful dribbles, one big chance missed, one key pass, two accurate crosses, three accurate long balls, seven ground duels won, and two tackles. Paulo Dybala was substituted off for Alvaro Morata in the 84’.

Cristiano Ronaldo - 5.5

As much as it pains readers to hear criticism of Ronaldo, I have to be the one to bring the word to you again. The positioning and effort given by the striker while performing in a wall set are absolutely horrendous. Go rewatch the highlight of the goal scored on the free kick by Brugman and it appears to me that if Ronaldo gives the smallest of effort to jump, as he is well known to get up for, that free-kick is stopped at the wall. Near the end of the first half, Paulo Dybala delivered a cross in the area of Ronaldo who made an impressive leap into the air but was unable to connect for the header toward the goal. Instead, Ronaldo and the defender collided and caused a hard landing for the Portuguese player who questioned if a penalty should have been rewarded. Ronaldo had an unfortunate selfish play by McKennie rob him of a potential header goal on the Danilo cross in the 66’. Ronaldo finally got a clean shot off in the 89’, but was well off target. Ronaldo contributed one shot on target, two shots off target, one big chance missed, one aerial duel won, and two offsides.


Adrien Rabiot (↔️ Rodrigo Bentancur) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Aaron Ramsey (↔️ Weston McKennie) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Dejan Kulusevski (↔️ Juan Cuadrado) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Alvaro Morata (↔️ Paulo Dybala) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.


Andrea Pirlo - 6

The final minutes of the first half and the second half saved a performance that was sure to have the fire under the manager’s seat coming to a boil. The Juventus of the first forty minutes looked like one that had continued to regress since Sarri vacated the post in August. It remains to be seen if any vision or style can be solidified by the Italian great with his possible short-lived career at the helm in Turin.

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