The Bianconeri defeated the Biancocolesti with a thrilling come-from-behind win following a 1-0 deficit at home. Kulusevski put the club behind a goal early, until Rabiot heroics leveled the match before halftime. A couple of Morata goals allowed the club to cruise to a 3-1 victory and remain in third place with one point behind AC Milan.

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Wojciech Szczesny - 6

Szczesny was the unfortunate recipient of an early score on an early blunder and lazy pass from Kulusevski that was easily taken away by Correa and completed for the goal in the 14’. Tek saved a shot on goal in the 22’ and collected another dangerous ball in the 44’. Overall the Polish keeper gave a more than serviceable performance, one that could have retained a clean sheet if not for the Kulu breakdown. Szczesny contributed three saves, one successful run out, one high claim, and four accurate long balls.

Juan Cuadrado - 6

Following another out-of-action stretch for the Columbian, it was a sight for sore eyes to see him get back out onto the field and have another offensive creator in the group. While Cuadrado was far from perfect and unable to deliver one of his patented goal-scoring crosses, it was good to see him attempt to work his way back into form. Cuadrado contributed one interception, one tackle, one error that led to a shot, five ground duels won, four accurate long balls, and three successful dribbles. Juan Cuadrado was substituted out for Arthur Melo in the 70’.

Danilo Luiz da Silva - 6

While the club’s Twitter account showed the Brazilian starting from the defense, the player instead was positioned as a midfielder. Which normally I would call the decision perplexing, but as this season has unfolded less and fewer surprises me. The Brazilian was quietly productive throughout the match, though I am uncertain how often his place should be in the midfield. Danilo contributed six accurate long balls, one successful dribble, five ground duels won, one clearance, one blocked shot, eight interceptions, and four tackles.

Merih Demiral - 6

Admiral did Demiral things and the most hilarious and potentially over-the-top tackle on the ball in the 73’ when he took Ciro Immobile out and stopped the Italian international’s forward progress. The Turkish defender notably failed to win any ground duels or aerial duels. Admiral contributed five clearances, one blocked shot, four interceptions, and one accurate long ball.

Alex Sandro - 6.5

Alex Sandro was lucky to not be penalized with a red card or even a yellow in the first half when he threw a flagrant elbow against Correa, but that is the kind of refereeing both sides received from Davide Massa in the match we watched today. Sandro contributed three clearances, five interceptions, two tackles, six ground duels won, four aerial duels won, eight accurate long balls, and one successful dribble.

Federico Chiesa - 7

Italian officials are absolutely unbelievable and nowhere was it more apparent than the handball penalty that Chiesa was robbed of in the 25’ and the referee refused to even go back and review the play. Chiesa his workhorse antics on the field and was evident as he did everything he could, moving while losing and regaining possession, in the 49’ to get a shot on goal that was unfortunately saved by Pepe Reina. Chiesa assisted Morata on the lead-taking goal in the 57’ with a well-placed pass and run out. Chiesa contributed one assist, one key pass, two accurate long balls, one big chance created, two shots on target, two successful dribbles, six ground duels won, one offsides, two interceptions, and four tackles. Federico Chiesa was substituted off for Leonardo Bonucci in the 82’.

Adrien Rabiot - 6.5

The Frenchman worked an outstanding angle on a shot on goal in the 40’ to bring the match level. The shot was so well placed and rode the outer edge of the net that I initially swore was overshot and had landed on top of the goal. Rabiot contributed one goal, one shot on target, five ground duels won, one aerial duel won, three interceptions, and four tackles.

Aaron Ramsey - 6

In a match where it appeared the referee would do anything, but signal for a penalty the Welshman earned one after being taken down in the 59’. Ramsey contributed three accurate long balls, one shot off target, one successful dribble, one penalty won, and two ground duels won. Aaron Ramsey was substituted off for Weston McKennie in the 70’.

Federico Bernardeschi - 6

The Italian attempted to continue his hot assist streak with a cross from a free kick in the 38’ that was delivered on the money, but Danilo was unable to reach and capitalize on the positioning. Bernardeschi contributed one interception, five ground duels won, one key pass, one accurate cross, four accurate long balls, one big chance created, and one successful dribble.

Dejan Kulusevski - 4.5

Playing the role of the Porto Rodrigo Bentancur was the Swede with the nonchalant pass directly in the path of Lazio’s Correa that allowed the striker to give the opposing club a 1-0 lead in the 14’. Kulusevski was the weakest facet of Juventus’ on-field performers and continues to show his faults in the second striker role. Kulusevski contributed two key passes, three successful dribbles, eight ground duels won, three tackles, and one error that led to a goal. Dejan Kulusevski was substituted off for Alessandro Di Pardo in the 90’+2’.

Alvaro Morata - 7.5

In the 56’ Morata was taken down in the penalty box and it did not even get a second look by Davide Massa. But the Spaniard made the best of the situation and moments later in the 57’ was in beautiful position for a runout score assisted by a Chiesa pass for the second goal of the match and lead. Three minutes later in the 60’ Morata was granted a penalty kick earned by Aaron Ramsey and scored to stretch the lead to a 3-1 margin. Morata contributed two goals, one assist, two shots on target, one shot off target, one successful dribble, one big chance missed, one key pass, two accurate long balls, and one ground duel won. Alvaro Morata was substituted out for Cristiano Ronadlo in the 69’.


Cristiano Ronaldo (↔️ Alvaro Morata) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Arthur Melo (↔️ Juan Cuadrado) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Weston McKennie (↔️ Aaron Ramsey) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Leonardo Bonucci (↔️ Federico Chiesa) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Alessandro Di Pardo (↔️ Dejan Kulusevski) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.


Andrea Pirlo - 6.5

Pirlo put together a solid come-from-behind win with the performances of Morata and Rabiot highlighting a Ronaldo-less starting lineup that allowed the star to rest before the Porto rematch.

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