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The game was affected by the strange sentence of CONI on Juventu-Napoli. Rabiot was initially starting but one hour before the kick off Pirlo was told that he can't use Rabiot. It meant Juve had to go to the game with no single midfielders in the bench. Anyway, Juve had the opportunity to continue their fine form by beating La Viola, after a tremendous game vs Parma in Tardini but things didn't ago according to the plan as the players were not mentally ready.

Szczesny: 5 He could do better on the first goal, had a good save after that. On the 2nd and 3rd goals he couldn't do anything. Overall an ordinary game

Cuadrado: 3 You don't expect a 32 years old player be that childish. The poor tackle of Cuadrado was unacceptable.

Bonucci: 4,5 The captain was embarrassing. He started his game with keeping Vlahovic onside in La Vioal's first goal. Then in produced some shaky situations and terrorized the fans. The cherry on the cake was giving up the ball on Fiorentina'a third goal.

De Ligt: 5,5 It wasn't his best game but he did almost everything right. He controled Vlahovic throughout the game and overall it was a good game from him.

Sandro: 4 Offered nothing offensively and was poor defensively, like what he has been for the most of the past 2 seasons. The own goal wasn't that strange as the Brazilian is completely familiar with giving away goals to the opposition.

Ramsey: N/A

Bentancur: 5 He was bad, but not emotionally or mentally bad like other players. He failed to cover the spaces and half spaces in the midfield, the pass distribution was weak but he had a couple of good tackles.

McKennie: 5 After 5 games he still had the energy. He ran, he fought, and he gave it all but tactically he was not at the level of this game. He was regularly out of position.

Chiesa: 5 He alongside Ronaldo were the only ones trying to creat something offensively. He created semi-chances but nothing more than that.

Morata: 4,5 He was lost, he wasn't involved in the game except for a really good cross for Cristiano.

Ronaldo: 5,5 It was one of those nights that Ronaldo definitely felt lonely. He single handedly was trying to grab Juve a point but his efforts didn't pay off. Also there could be a penalty on him.