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Fiorentina had no business getting 4 points from Juve, but they somehow managed to do. Sloppy performance from the lads, lack of interest in the game, and let me say a disrespectful display. We didn't deserve more than one point and we have no right to complain about the game.

Szczesny: 6 He did his job, in one occasion in the first half he could do a better job but overall Tek was solid.

Cuadrado: 6 An assist and many good runs in the attack but also a very poor performance vs Ribery in the defensive phase.

De Ligt: 6 This guy does his job no matter what. De Ligt's consistency is exactly what you expect from a Juventus player.

Bonucci: 6 Bonucci was subbed off in halftime, due to a change in the tactics but he played a good first half.

Chiellini:6 Same as de Ligt and Bonucci. Nothing more to say. The boys in the back weren't at their best but they did their job. No complaints.

Alex Sandro: 5,5 Almost invisible in attack, not that much present in defense. In two occasions he was left out of position which could cost us.

Bentancur: 5,5 Meh. Juventus definitely lost the battle of the midfielders and Bentancur in particular didn't have a good game. Many useless sides pass, nothing defensively, and only one chance created for Ramsey offensively.

Rabiot: 5 Like Bentancur he got dominated by Viola midfielders too, in addition, he conceded a silly penalty.

Ramsey: 5,5 Missed a very good chance, got demolished by Pulgar & Milenkovic on many occasions, and overall a mediocre performance.

Dybala: 5 Did he play at all? We were actually playing with 10 men in the first half. One of the worst games if Paulo Dybala in Juventus jersey.

Ronaldo: 5 Another poor performance from CR7. Missed a clear-cut chance which probably would've been the match-winner. Unacceptable.

Morata: 6,5 Dynamic, hard-working and caring. Scored a fantastic goal with his first touch and was one of the few players on the pitch that actually tried to do something.

Kulusevski: 6 On his 21st birthday, Kulusevski played the whole second half and he wasn't bad actually. If Ronaldo had sco