Turin, We Have A Problem: Benevento - Juventus Player Ratings:

The Ronaldo-less Bianconeri traveled to the Campania region to take on the Sorcerers from Benevento and looked worse for wear without their crown jewel in rotation. Flaws were on display as the nine time champions struggled against the newly promoted side and dropped more points on Saturday evening. One thing is clear in a season where no point is guaranteed: resting any player, especially Ronaldo, cannot be risked. The easy way out and my plan was to give every player a 2 rating and move on to Dynamo Kyiv next week, but I will give rating this mess a shot.

Notice: All ratings are calculated through a stringent process utilizing statistics and the eye test called My Opinion and are most certainly incorrect.


Wojciech Szczesny - 6

Szczesny was working miracles for the Turin side early in the first half, but continual defensive lapses and the inability of his black and white compatriots to get a clearance following multiple saves by the Polish goalkeeper allowed the equalizer to be scored by Gaetano Letizia.

Juan Cuadrado - 4.5

Statistically Cuadrado clocked out as the worst rated player of the match: losing possession sixteen times with two fouls. Cuadrado did contribute two tackles, one interception, and one clearance. Cuadrado was booked with a yellow card at the 80’.

Gianluca Frabotta - 5

Some solid play on the defensive end of the field is offset by a lack of awareness on the offensive side of the field. Frabotta utterly ignored and overstepped a well placed pass from Kulusevski to set up a potential game winning goal. Frabotta had one clearance, two interceptions, two tackles, three aerial duels won, two ground duels, won, and contributed three accurate long balls.

Matthijs De Ligt - 6

De Ligt had a critical stop at the 84’ against Sau, otherwise the Benevento striker had a wide open shot on goal. De Ligt accounted for two clearances, one shot blocked, two interceptions, and one tackle.

Danilo Luiz da Silva - 5.5

Danilo continues to be a serviceable defender this season and remains in good graces as long as he stays far away from attempting any shots during meaningful playing time. Danilo contributed on clearance, three interceptions, one tackle, four ground duels won, four aerial duels won, and eight accurate long balls.

Adrien Rabiot - 5.5

Rabiot quietly had a decent game in effort that ended in a deadlock. Rabiot won seven ground duels, two aerial duels, had three clearances, one interception, and two tackles. The biggest deficit in the midfield is the lack of offensive support and assists given to set up the strikers.

Federico Chiesa - 5.5

The brightest spot of the game for Chiesa was the assist setting up the only goal for Juventus by Alvaro Morata. Another shot from long range was on target, but was unfortunately directly in the line of receival from Lorenzo Montipo. A possible injury hampered Chiesa during a significant portion of his time on the pitch near the end of the first half. Chiesa contributed two clearances, one tackle, one assist, one shot on target, and three ground duels won. Chiesa was substituted for Federico Bernardeschi at the 69’.

Arthur Melo - 5

Again, the midfield played decently enough on the defensive end of the field, but utterly falters to give the support and help with the offensive attack to not only win these kinds of matches, but also win them comfortably. As they should. Arthur had three interceptions, one clearance, one ground duel won, and five accurate long balls. Arthur was substituted for Rodrigo Bentancur at the 62’.

Aaron Ramsey - 4.5

He had one good game to kick off the season, but in general I am not sure what Pirlo or other staff members see in Ramsey in practice to earn the starting spot over other players. Ramsey contributed one clearance, two key passes, and one shot on target. Ramsey was substituted for Dejan Kulusevski at the 62’.

Alvaro Morata - 5.5

Morata gets credit for the only score of the match, but was equally marred by questionable decisions and mistakes. Including the horrendous decision to make a comment during a referee after the final tri whistle had blown to earn himself a red card and a suspension for the next Serie A match. Morata had on goal off of one shot on target and three shots off target. Morata also contributed one clearance, one key pass, four ground duels won, one aerial duel won, and 3 OFFSIDES!

Paulo Dybala - 4.5

Dybala’s opportunity to create some momentum for himself and the captain’s armband were both fumbled away by the Argentinian striker today. If the shot attempt created by Bernardeschi was struck with a bit more force at the end of the match, we might be speaking differently of the Argentinian right now. But it is the lack of effort and hustle that draws a majority of the discontent from the fanbase at what was half of one of the top scoring duos of the 2019-20 season. Dybala had one shot on target, three shots off target, two shots blocked, one big chance missed, and won six ground duels.


Dejan Kulusevski (↔️ Aaron Ramsey) - 5

Kulusevski and Bentancur entered into the match at the 62’ and did not do much from there. Kulusevski touched the ball eighteen times, had one tackle, three ground duels won, and attempted an assist to Frabotta for the potential winning goal that the young Italian ignored and overran.

Rodrigo Bentancur (↔️ Arthur Melo) - 5

Kulusevski and Bentancur entered into the match at the 62’ and did not do much from there. Bentancur touched the ball twenty-two times, had one interception, and attempted one shot off target.

Federico Bernardeschi (↔️ Federico Chiesa) - 5

Bernardeschi set up Dybala with a solid potential assist for a shot on goal that the Argentinian failed to get enough power on the shot to try to slip it past the goalkeeper. A standard perhaps enhanced by what was commonly a run of terrible play and lack of enthusiasm, Bernardeschi has shown a bit more hustle and a better work ethic since returning from international play. Which is saying the bare minimum for expectations of a player on the field. Bernardeschi chipped in two key passes, two accurate crosses, and one ground duel won.


Andrea Pirlo - 5

The decision to rest Ronaldo when no points are guaranteed, especially when the club has proven time and again to play down to the competition. The rest of the team has no excuse as they should be able to dispatch mid to lower level squads with little difficulty. Alas, this is the time we live in.

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