In a match against a rival top-four club in the table and without Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus took one shot on target and allowed a late goal by Atalanta’s Malinovskyi to fall 1-0 in Bergamo. In seven games played this season without the Portuguese star the club has only won once and appears ripe to face more hardship before they reach the light at the end of the season’s proverbial tunnel.

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Wojciech Szczesny - 6

Tek had a huge save to not give up the winning goal by Malinovskyi in the 86’, but as has been the norm for this season a dose of stupidity and flat out ineptitude led to an additional Malinovskyi shot taken on goal moments later that Alex Sandro then deflected into the net for the Atalanta score, leaving Szczesny unable to save the shot as he was falling toward the shots regular path. That being said, the goal was not Tek’s fault. Szczesny contributed one save, ten accurate long balls, one ground duel won, and one successful dribble.

Juan Cuadrado - 6.5

Cuadrado had a big chance to create something in the 14’ when he entered the box but was collapsed upon by multiple Atalanta defenders. A couple of moments later the Colombian attempted a cross to Chiesa that connected, but the Italian’s shot went wide of the goal. Juan Cuadrado contributed one interception, two tackles, seventeen ground duels won, three key passes, one accurate cross, four accurate long balls, one shot blocked, and seven successful dribbles. Cuadrado was penalized with a yellow card at the end of the match for an argument.

Matthijs De Ligt - 6

De Ligt allowed a dangerous shot by Pessina to be taken in the 24’, but he and Szczesny lucked out as the striker’s shot ran wide of the goal. De Ligt contributed one clearance, three blocked shots, two interceptions, two tackles, three ground duels won, four aerial duels won, one key pass, and three shots off target.

Giorgio Chiellini - 6

Chiellini had a huge stop on a potential first goal midway through the second half in the 58’. Chiellini contributed four clearances, one blocked shot, three interceptions, two tackles, three ground duels won, one aerial duel won, one accurate long ball, and one blocked shot.

Alex Sandro - 5.5

Alex Sandro seems to have those days that just leave me perplexed, either they are so inspiringly good or it's a huge blunder that leaves me feeling how I did about him the majority of 19/20. Today he had one of the latter. To be fair, it appeared he may have been fouled prior to the chain of events that lost the match for the club. But Tek just came off of a huge save on a Malinovskyi shot in the 86’, only for a second shot seconds later taken by Malinovskyi to be deflected away from its intended path by Sandro and into the back left corner of the net, far from the reaches of Szczesny’s grasp. Sandro contributed four clearances, one blocked shot, one interception, three tackles, seven ground duels won, one aerial duel won, three accurate long balls, and one successful dribble.

Weston McKennie - 6

McKennie set up one of Juventus’ best chances at scoring in the 76’ when he made the initial run and then passed to Kulusevski, who made the play to Morata where the shot was taken but blocked away fairly easily for the positioning the Juventus attacker had. The American was substituted off shortly after for Arthur Melo in the 77’. McKennie contributed three successful dribbles, six ground duels won, one clearance, one interception, and three tackles.

Rodrigo Bentancur - 6

When he’s not passing the ball into the path of an opposing stampeding striker, the Uruguayan has been serviceable. Bentancur contributed four accurate long balls, one successful dribble, three ground duels won, two aerial duels won, one interception, and two tackles.

Adrien Rabiot - 6.5

The Frenchman was all over the field in this one, and for the most part that was a good thing. A couple of solid takeaways and helped move the ball toward the attack, unfortunately, the final third could get nothing done from there. Rabiot contributed three accurate long balls, two shots blocked, one successful dribble, one ground duel won, two aerial duels won, one clearance, one blocked shot, and one interception.

Federico Chiesa - 5.5

The Italian was pulled off of the pitch in after he suffered what appeared to be a potential hamstring injury. It appeared Chiesa had shown signs of distress earlier in the week and he was pulled to cause any further damage. Which looking back seemed fairly obvious as the young player lacked his usual effort and physicality he has become beloved for with the club. Chiesa contributed one key pass, one accurate cross, one big chance created, one shot off target, one shot blocked, four ground duels won, and three tackles. Federico Chiesa was substituted off for Danilo in the 58’ after suffering the injury.

Paulo Dybala - 5.5

The Argentinian striker remains fervent he is deserving of a franchise player’s salary without giving a full performance of equal value this season. Dybala contributed three key passes, four accurate crosses, and two ground duels won. Paulo Dybala was substituted off for Dejan Kulusevski in the 68’.

Alvaro Morata - 5

The Spaniard wasted a huge opportunity in the 34’ when Maehle collapsed on a defensive play that saw Morata be the recipient of the ball directly in front of the box, but Morata lazily kicked the shot slow and wide of the goal even before being cleared away from the Atalanta defender. Weston McKennie and Dejan Kulusevski then set up the striker with another perfect opportunity to seal a goal for the Bianconeri in the 76’, but the Spaniard lazily wasted precious advantageous moments and allowed the eventual shot to be easily blocked away by Gollini. Morata contributed one shot on target, one shot off target, one successful dribble, one big chance missed, one accurate long ball, three ground duels won, one clearance, and one tackle.


He does no wrong. He is perfection incarnate. There, are you happy now fanboys?


Dejan Kulusevski (↔️ Paulo Dybala) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Danilo Luiz da Silva (↔️ Federico Chiesa) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.

Arthur Melo (↔️ Weston McKennie) - N/A

Not enough information for rating.


Andrea Pirlo - 5

The inexperienced coach is leaking confidence by himself, by the fans and, I assume, the administration as well at this point in the season. The loss strikes a crushing blow to the club’s hopes of finishing comfortably in the top four and makes me question if the rumors are true of potentially replacing Maestro with another coach to ensure Champions League security.

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