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Player of the Game Super Cup final: Wojciech Szczesny

No position in football presents a heavier burden to a player than to be a goalkeeper. In just one play you can either become the hero of million or the villain in the history of a club. When you play for a legendary club like Juventus, which possesses a history of great goalkeepers, that pressure increases exponentially.

Wojciech Szczesny has been a very underrated goalkeeper in Europe but today he showed everyone what he is capable of. The Juventus player was the man of the game in the Super Cup final against Napoli. Taking into consideration the performances of players like Arthur and Cuadrado, the polish player needed to play a spectacular game to be consider the best on the field and he delivered. He was crucial for the “Bianconeri” with two determining stops and a sense of security in the back.

The polish international's first stop occurred in the twenty-seventh minute: a header in the small area by “Chuki” Lozano, which stood no chance against our own Wojciech Szczesny. A play like this needed Szczesny to be very well positioned and a fast reaction. Luckily, the Juventus goalkeeper was on point in both of them.

In the second half, Szczesny was even better. When getting involved in a penalty in the seventy-sixth minute he made himself big in front of Insigne provoking the miss.

However his best intervention took place at the end of the game. When one ball inside the box hit Chiellini but the Juventus goalkeeper was able to deny the goal with his leg.

The impact of Szczesny was undeniable. Besides the stops, his leadership was felt more than in other games and resulted in a sense of security in the back. This kind of performance gives the team more confidence, which allows a more complete game from everybody on the pitch.

In the Super cup final, Wojciech Szczesny reminded everybody who he is: our guardian in the back, one of our most consistent performers. He was the player of the game for Juventus and he protected the “Bianconeri” until the end “Fino alla fine”.