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Player of the game: "King Kong" Chiellini strikes again

Football at this time has become a game where teams with the best attack are the ones who constantly get praise. However, there is a saying in football that goes: “Good teams are built from the back to the front”, the way Juventus played yesterday demonstrated why this is true.

The “Bianconeri” defense was the team's strong point and nobody was more solid than Giorgio Chiellini. The Juventus’ Captain was constant in every phase of the game.

One-on-one the veteran defender was spectacular by winning most of the duels against Mayoral, Dzeko, and the midfielders that tried to use their pace against “Il Capitano”. His anticipations were on point throughout the entire game, becoming the major obstacle for a Roma side that is very good at moving the ball with fast pace passes in dangerous areas. By air, Chiellini was dominating every cross and set pieces, which severely limited “La Loba's” options to score.

Furthermore, his support on the wings was a great help for Alex Sandro and made sure that the defense wasn’t exposed.

Without a doubt, the leader of Juventus' defense will be important if they want to win the Scudetto and leadership will be key to boosting the team's morale. One thing is for sure Giorgio Chiellini is a warrior and will fight every game: “Fino Alla Fine”.