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In a game like this, in which there were many rotations and young players getting some minutes, Kulusevski was the best player on the pitch.

The twenty-year-old from Sweden showed many different things during the game, supporting the narrative that Juventus has found a young bright star. He started the game as striker beside Morata, a position in which he has not played a great deal this season yet, it has been his most effective deployment playing with the Bianconeri.

The Swedish player scored a goal on a great pass from Giorgio Chiellini, splitting Genoa's defence. Through his involvement on Juve's first two goals, Kulusevski showed something that he would continue to do through the game - great 'off the ball' movement. When you play as a striker, you are not only defined for what you do with the ball at your feet, but also what is done when your teammate is in possession.

Kulusevski was fantastic in seeking free space, then giving other Juve players options to break down Genoa‘s defence. While also good on the ball, the way he linked up with Morata in the first half was key for some of the chances coming from 'la Vecchia Signora,' with an assist coming later in the game for the Spanish striker. On occasion he was used as a pivot to provide the midfielders targets to advance play.

Genoa then began to have more possession, and the pressure started to mount on Juve’s throughout a large portion of the game. Once Cristiano Ronaldo was deployed, he was called upon late - yet that didn’t stop him from constantly trying to make something happen for his side. He continued to put the pressure on, and in the end it was his relentlessness and constant participation that stood out to make the difference.

Kulusevski will be criticized due to his sights on goal that he did not convert - while this is fair, it does not denounce his contribution. He stayed on the peach the entire game, kept trying to create chances, and defend. Kulu didn’t stop until the end - 'Fino Alla Fine.'