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Man of the match:  Alvaro Morata “Il Cavaliere in Armatura”

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

When Alvaro Morata returns at the beginning of the season many people doubted him. At the beginning of the season, he surprises everyone with good form scoring, and assisting. But after injuries and sickness, his first month of 2021 was hard for the Spanish striker. This game against Lazio was crucial for Juventus and was the first star for Morata after coming back from a virus. He was Crucial for the Bianconeri giving the assist to Rabiot for the first goal after moving to the left to create space. In the second half after a counter created by Chiesa, he was well ubicated to receive the ball and strike with the left foot scoring the 2-1 for the “Boanconeri”. The third came fast and after Ramsey created a penalty Morata didn’t flinch to score the next one. This third goal ended the game and gave Juve three important points. Alvaro has been missed by “La Vecchia Signora” and every Juventini hopes he can keep scoring in important games to help the team in this difficult season.

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