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Player of the game: Alex Sandro “Il Lupo di Catanduva”

A loss against Parma was not an option if Juventus wanted to maintain a top 4 spot. But these kinds of teams have been the most difficult to deal with since the” bianconeri” have been inconsistent against smaller teams. This game started with an intense Juventus that wasn’t able to score, but that was dominating. On that good stretch, Parma managed to score a spectacular free-kick, a scenario that has been difficult to recuperate from this season. But just before halftime Alex Sandro was able to tie the game on a corner kick. In the second half, Juventus was able to score another goal early on by Sandro coming from a good association on the inside which was followed by a soft cross by Cuadrado. Alex Sandro was also present trying to break the pressure from the back trying to help Juventus get out in transition, which was very important to maintain the lead. The Brazilian needed a good game and he got it. Now every Juventus fan is hoping that he can maintain this good form.

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