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Player of the Game against SPAL: Adrien Rabiot

Speed, strength, ability are the characteristics that are usually used to describe football. However, balance is one aspect of the sport that is not mentioned enough. This game against SPAL demanded that the “Bianconeri” were extremely solid in the back, so that they could pressure the ball high and attack with numbers. In a game in which many offensive players looked good at moving without the ball, shooting the ball and scoring, it was Adrien Rabiot who was the most important player on the pitch.

The Frenchmen became the crucial man in the midfield on both sides of the ball and his influence was felt from the start of the game.

Offensively he was building the game. His precise passing broke lines of pressure in various instances during the match. With space, he was deadly using his pace to create chances for the team. The first goal came from a penalty that Rabiot created in an individual play. His association was very good giving support to teammates and creating chances. But his most outstanding aspect on the offensive side was his ability to protect the ball to avoid errors and dangerous occasions for SPAL.

Defensively Rabiot was spectacular. He was always well positioned which allowed him to get the ball back constantly. He was able to pressure the ball high but always came back. The Juventus midfielder was also constantly helping Frabotta, which was key in maintaining “la Vecchia Signora's” balance and gave the young left wingback the opportunity to attack constantly.

The presence of Adrien Rabiot in the game gave Juventus a very solid midfield which dominated the entire game. Turin’s team looked balanced the entire game which is proof of how good the Rabiot performance was and how much heart he had while playing from the start until the end of the game.