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The team has recovered well, victories help and there's adrenaline. Bologna play good football, create a lot and have excellent young players. It will be as difficult as in the first leg..

After Milan we were "dead", now we are still alive. Let's think about ourselves first and then see what happens on the other pitches. We mustn't have any regrets. The pressure? There is, as there always is, but we're calm and enthusiastic.

Kulusevski has been one of the most used players in the season, tomorrow is a special game, we will see what solutions we can adopt.

We do this job for the adrenaline it brings; I want to continue working with this team and this club, but I think that's normal.

The greatest satisfaction of this season? The relationship with the players, who have been very helpful and have worked with abnegation. I didn't like the results, we didn't achieve our objectives.

I was a winner as a player, I want to be a winner as a coach, so I think of this year as an opportunity to improve. The club? I don't think they'll decide on the basis of tomorrow, we'll see what happens.

I have always entered the field with my head held high and my chest out. I'm sure I've always given my all.

We just have to concentrate on our game, because we have to win. We can't think about what others are doing.

Who surprised me the most? Danilo, it only took two training sessions to realise how important he is.

Who to field tomorrow we'll decide after training.

Buffon? Juve will lose a footballing monument, on and off the pitch. It's a disappointment, we've come a long way together. I admire him a lot..

Bologna are motivated and will play at 100%. We will have to do the same: humility and concentration.

Apart from the defeats, there have never been problems in the locker room..

Bonucci wasn't at his best on Wednesday, we have to thank him because he gave it his all as always.