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I don't want to see resignation tomorrow; we are one point away from the Champions League zone and we have three games left. Football teaches that anything can happen, so we need great positivity.

For Cristiano today we will see during training. We haven't talked about it yet.

Our goal is to prove that we deserve the Champions League, and we can do it only with results; after the defeat against Milan there was disappointment, but our goal does not change, we have to believe in it".

Regarding the Paratici - Nedved quarrel "let's not feed the gossip

Gravina's words? We have to deserve the Champions League on the field, the club takes care of the rest.

Danilo and Arthur will start.

Regarding financial problems: "I haven't heard anything about it, salary payments have always been regular.

There has always been great harmony with the club. In January we wanted to get a striker because we were short with Paulo's absence. But there wasn't the right opportunity.

Grinta is a word that is often used in football, but it's not enough to win. I've always asked for the fire to burn inside, and often that has happened.

Still here for next season? I'm not afraid, I only think about the good of Juventus, which comes first. I will try to do the best for this club as long as I'm here.

Adaptation? Over the past few months, the lineup has changed often, but for so many reasons, injuries and Covid. We have adapted to all circumstances.

I want redemption from everyone. We need to see some pride from everyone, regardless of whether Ronaldo, Dybala, etc. are playing. We can't perform like we did the other night.

We conceded so many goals from collective inattentions, not from tactical errors.

We are angry, we are pissed off. I don't want to see resignation neither in the players nor in the whole environment. We are only 1 point away and we have to give everything.

In the beginning, you have an idea of football, then you see the characteristics of the players and you adapt to them. You can't have 30 players based on my ideas. The coach has to be good at adapting to their characteristics of the players.