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The team is quite well, we are recovering from Sunday. We've spent a lot of energy. I have some rotations in mind, but we won't be changing many men.

We are projected to the present, which is tomorrow night's game. It's fundamental, given the defeat on Sunday. Parma isn't in a good moment, but they're doing well despite the results. We have to approach it in the best possible way to win it.

We are focused on our goal of qualifying for the Champions League. The Super League is a future project. The president told us about it this morning, but we're thinking about the present.

The Super League represents a development. So many things have changed over the years. The President will explain it better.

Ronaldo will be with us, Buffon will play from the first minute. Dybala will also start, he needs to play, I'm happy with what he did against Atalanta, it wasn't easy, he showed he's in good shape.

The team was disappointed and angry after the game, but confident because they played a good match. In recent years Atalanta has always crushed other teams but we played well in all aspects.

Chiesa had a muscular problem, we will evaluate him in these days. He is important, but we've missed a lot of players during the season and we've always fielded players capable of giving 100%.

I haven't heard from Agnelli from a distance because we see him almost every day, he has always shown himself to be close and I always hear from him after matches. He explained the Super League project to us, giving us great confidence.

The players have to stay calm because football goes on but they have to concentrate on the present, which is called Parma.

Morata is perhaps a little tired, Arthur is disappointed because he didn't come in at his best, but he wants to play and is physically fit. Tomorrow could be a chance to start from the first minute.

I ask the players to shoot from outside the box, especially Rabiot who tried a couple of times on Sunday. It's a useful solution against teams that close themselves at the back.

Kulusevski can start from the beginning. He's doing well, he's done very well in the last few games.

Unfortunately the 3 U23 players remain in their bubble due to a COVID case. FelixCorreia has great quality, very good technically. He'll be useful in the coming matches.