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Unfortunately we never had Dybala available. Between injury, sickness, and knee problems. He's never been able to train consistently. But we all know his ability, he showed it tonight. We missed him a lot.

For me, it was important to finish the work we started this summer, with the Supercup, the Coppa Italia, and Champions League qualification. For the future, we'll see with the club.

Rabiot doesn't even know the strength he has, he had an extraordinary end to the season and is a unique midfielder in the world for his physical strength.

The whole team is strong, they just need to gain more awareness.

When you run with 11 people to reach a goal, you are always strong. We lacked that all year, but then we tightened up and realized we had to work on our desire and eventually the results came.

I see myself on the Juventus bench 100%, now we enjoy the victory and will talk with the club.

Ronaldo was tired and we decided to let Morata play.

I've never been afraid. It's not easy in your first year and it took me a while to get into the players heads and explain the principles of the game that I wanted to impose on them. I have to start again from here.

The club didn't tell me anything. It was important for us to reach the Champions League...

The goal was to try to win because if you coach Juve that's how it is. We succeeded in parts. We all wanted to win the championship, Inter were better than us and we congratulate them.

I see myself staying here, where better to go? I started a path and I hope to finish it. I still have a year left on my contract and I hope to stay here for many more years.

So many difficulties, covid, close games, injuries. We played with 14-15 players. Very difficult this season.

It's not the same thing to have a theory and put it into practice, but I thank the lads who have been very helpful.

We have a complete and competitive squad. Today Ronaldo didn't play, Morata did. I've always played the best players.

I am confident, but not satisfied. My goal is to get ahead of everyone.

I started the season looking like I was 35, now I'm almost 50.