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I had seen the team well during the week. I saw a lively team convinced of playing a great game. We started well and then with the "moments in the game" we got disunited.

I took on this job with enthusiasm. I think I can do better, I will do my job as long as I am allowed to.

I had a different project in my head. I thought I had a different team and I had to adapt to the players.

You can struggle, but pride should never be lacking. These performances don't have to happen.

What we did on the field is solely our fault, especially me leading this team.

If I wasn't able to get the best out of the players, that's on me. I had some principles in my head, then maybe I wasn't able to realize them with some players. It is a team with great champions. If we didn't do well, it's my fault that I'm in charge.