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PIRLO'S POST MATCH REACTION: "I'm not happy and I don't think the club is happy."

We played a bad first half, but a better second half. After Danilo's injury, we tried to change to a back three, but it didn't work. So at half-time, we decided to put in Morata. It didn't hurt Ronaldo... we played it wrong.

We had a very bad first half, which should have been approached in another way. It was a fundamental match, we were not very aggressive, we didn't attack the depth. We did better in the second half

Ronaldo had a few chances that he wasn't able to exploit.

Kulusesvki came in well, we tried to keep him wide to have superiority and develop the game in a different way. We did well with Paulo and Ramsey at other times, this time we didn't start the way we should have.

I'm different compared to the start, the expectations were different at the beginning. I don't think I've done the job I wanted to do and the way everyone wanted. But from the initial perspective, I'm not happy and I don't think the club is happy.

Arthur has been sidelined not because of mistakes, but because of injuries and physical condition. He is playing despite almost a fracture in his leg. He played the other day, he can't train regularly.