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The president and director spoke earlier. There will definitely be something to change at the European level. The things they were carrying out were right. We'll see what the fate of football will be.

n order to improve, we have to have the same concentration and tempo in every game. In some games we do it in others we don't.

Ronaldo and Dybala are instinctive but you have to give them directions on what to do. They did better in the second half. In the first half, our game was too slow to create problems for Parma.

Agnelli had explained what was going on but told us to stay focused because it's important to finish in the top 4.

We conceded a bit too much today, especially on corners. That's not like us. During the year we had done well with the double line. We have to be more concentrated because it could have led us to lose points.

Gigi is Gigi I've known him since we were 16 years old, in the U18. A champion and he has the same desire as when he was a child. He's very important to us.

Dybala has been missed. The longer he is back, the better he is. He needed to get