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We played a good game, the right attitude at the beginning. Then a drop in concentration. It could have cost us, we risked it and we didn't make the most of some opportunities. Then we closed it out.

Ronaldo was keen on scoring. These things happen.

I give myself an estimated 6. I could have done more. When you don't achieve certain results, the coach is the one who pays for it. I work on it every day and try to improve.

The club takes care of Dybala's contract.

My idea of football is to play with constant pressure, but this year for many reasons it wasn't possible. But I continue to work on it.

You need to set personal goals as a player, If Ronaldo scores a lot of goals it means Juventus is winning games.

Every day you have to feel under scrutiny, because if you want to improve you have to try to perfect yourself and every match and every training session is important for growth.

It's normal that all coaches are under scrutiny, especially me because I'm at the first experience. But I work for this because I have a passion for football that I have since I was a child and I continue to have it, so the difficulties lead me to work even harder.