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It was a great game with two great teams finally in front of the public. After such a year we are happy about that too.

We wanted to bring home this trophy despite the season we had. We beat two great teams in the semifinals and the final, and we are proud of that. We deserved this cup."

Chiesa wasn't at his best, but he played an excellent game. It was a satisfaction for him to score a decisive goal in a final. It's not for everyone."

There have been many difficulties this year. This victory can't erase the ups and downs of this season, I've learned a lot.

Of course, I would reconfirm myself. That's why I became a coach, I've loved football since I was a child and I would like to continue because I love coaching and I love this club. Then it's up to them to decide, but I would like to continue."

The development of the game remained the same throughout the year, then it depended a lot on who we faced. Sunday will decide our future.

It's too early to talk about next season, we have a decisive game on Sunday. We must try to recover and do our best.

Atalanta always plays aggressive football and we don't have to tell them how to play. They will play their last game as well as they always have. I've seen Lazio and Crotone, that's the beauty of football."

I don't read the newspapers because I base my work on the week and the field. I can't sit there and regret the things that come from the papers. I did it as a player, I will continue to do it as a coach.

I never had any problem with the boys, it was just a non-football gossip.