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Pirlo's impact.

I consider my first year a good year. It was a year of adaptation. I left the Premier League, which is totally different from the Italian championship tactically and physically. I tried to adapt as quickly as possible. I played many games, we managed to win the Scudetto, but it is clear that at Juventus the goal is to win the Champions League and we didn't. I hope my second year can be better and avoid injuries.

Pirlo as a player was unmatched. He wasn't the fastest, but he was a great thinker and had indisputable qualities on the ball. In fact, he has participated in a couple of training sessions in the last few days and is still incredible: his vision , the technique. If we have any injuries {he could play}, who knows? In terms of skills, he can still do it.

As a coach Pirlo is really relaxed. He really understands the mentality of the players on the pitch as he has only recently stopped playing. He knows Juventus perfectly. He knows how to convey his message, to speak to the players one on one, to get the best out of them. And he applied some really good tactical ideas, he's very clear on how he wants the team to play, which I really like. The first days with Andrea were really positive.

Cristiano is an indisputable great. What he does in matches, his stats, say it all. He is extremely competitive in training and this is reflected in the matches. He has many qualities. Perhaps what sets him apart is that he is good at every aspect of the game. And he's really a great guy. I have an excellent relationship with him: we spent two years at Real Madrid and now at Juventus. He has a very human side. He always asks about Brazil. For example, during COVID he always asked what the situation is like in Brazil. He cares about it. He's very human, really kind.

Hardest league? It is very difficult to say. They are completely different. In terms of quality, Spain. Regardless of whether it is a big or small team, they always try to attack, exploit the weaknesses of the opponents, win and play football. In England it is really physical, passionate, intense. The action doesn't stop. It's a style of football that I really loved. And in Italy he is very tactical, a little more intelligent, thoughtful. It is difficult for the attackers to find space.